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Health Watch 101: The 4 Common STDs and Symptoms in Women

Common STDs

An active and enjoyable sex life can provide a stronger emotional connection and intimacy between partners. It can also help reduce stress and improve physical health

You can ensure a healthy and safe sex life by educating yourself about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and seeing your doctor for regular STD testing. These infections pass from one person to another through any form of sexual contact, such as oral sex, kissing, and using sex toys. 

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to spot these diseases in women because of the lack of symptoms. If you want to get tested immediately and protect your health, this article will enumerate the four common STDs and their symptoms in women.

1. Common STDs: Chlamydia 

This sexually transmitted disease affects millions of women yearly and can sometimes remain undetected because of the lack of symptoms. Leaving chlamydia untreated can cause fertility problems, pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervicitis. 

Cervicitis is the infection of the neck of the uterus. Women with this infection may remain asymptomatic. However, those who exhibit symptoms generally experience abdominal pain and vaginal discharge. Regardless of whether you display the signs, you must visit your clinic for regular STD testing to prevent long-term health consequences. 

2. Common STDs: Gonorrhea 

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that has been around for a long time. Generally, this condition affects more women than men, where one million currently have the infection. It cannot sustain outside the body for long because it needs wet, warm areas like the urethra, vagina, rectum, throat, and cervix.

Common symptoms of gonorrhea may include abnormally frequent urination, a burning sensation when you pee, itching or burning in the vagina, and redness and swelling in the genital area. 

3. Common STDs: Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a contagious virus that is one of the leading causes of sexually transmitted infections in the United States. Besides causing genital warts, HPV can also cause cervical and anogenital cancers in women. On the other hand, it can cause penile and anal cancers in men. Fortunately, most women who contract this disease don’t experience any physical symptoms. 

You can detect HPV by letting your healthcare provider perform specialized tests to look for the virus’ DNA in the body. You can also prevent it by getting an HPV vaccine before sexual intercourse.

4. Common STDs: Syphilis 

Syphilis is an infectious sexually transmitted disease that occurs because of a type of bacteria called a spirochete. It’s a spiral-shaped, worm-like organism that can enter moist and mucus-covered tissues, such as the genitals and mouth lining.

This section will also discuss the three stages of this disease.

Stage 1 

During the first stage, the spirochete bacteria will cause a painless sore, to appear on the body ten to 90 days after the infection. While ulcers won’t usually cause severe harm to your health, syphilis can be a source of contagion when you kiss someone with the ulcer. The first stage of syphilis will usually cure itself eventually before possibly reappearing months later. 

Stage 2

In this stage, syphilis will cause rashes on the palms of your hand or the soles of your feet, fever, sore throat, headaches, hair loss, lesions around the genitals, and swollen lymph glands. 

Stage 3 

After surpassing the secondary syphilis stage, you may enter the final phase, which can last more than 20 years. It’s a highly hazardous stage because it can lead to more severe issues like eye and ear problems and poor heart health. The latent phase of this sexually transmitted disease can also cause gumma, sores, and brain infections. 

Common STDs: Conclusion

No woman deserves to suffer from STDs because they affect millions of lives negatively. Fortunately, you can keep yourself safe and enjoy better sex by educating yourself about these infections and getting regular STD testing. 

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