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woman stretching, PhysicalsWhen you need a physical, Aspen Medical Center can help, whether you want to schedule your annual physical examination, have a child about to start playing sports, or need a physical for work.

Pairing excellent bedside manner with years of experience and a passion for patient care, our staff of qualified nurses, physician assistants, and family physicians works with patients of all ages. Santa Fe patients trust us to be their primary health care provider.

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Why Should You Get a Physical?

It’s a good idea for everyone to receive an annual physical from their primary care provider. A yearly physical ensures that your health is on the right track. During this time, your physician can screen for issues and implement a strategy for fixing any potential health concerns.

Your physician can screen for potential illnesses, diseases, and other conditions during a physical. Then, your doctor will confirm that your health is in good shape or let you know if you have any medical issues that need correcting.

A comprehensive exam typically screens for common health concerns like:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure, also known as hypertension

Typical Steps in a Physical Examination

Physicals can sometimes depend upon the medical care provider and a patient’s needs. However, most physical examinations have the following elements:

  • Reviewing your medical history: While your physician might ask you about your family’s health history, generally, they will focus more so on your current health, including behaviors like if you smoke, drink, get enough sleep, etc. They might also ask about your vaccination records and any past or current health concerns.
  • Examining key areas: Your medical examiner will check your heart rate, blood pressure, reflexes, balance, and muscle strength. Sometimes, your physician might ask for lab tests, like a urinalysis, blood count, and a chemistry panel.
  • Evaluating your overall appearance: A patient’s general appearance can tell a physician plenty. They may check your mental awareness and quickness, your skin and nails’ health, or see how you walk, stand, and make other movements.

What Are Some Different Types of Physicals?

While most physicals follow the same pattern, the reasons for getting one vary. We’ll explore the different reasons for getting a physical at Aspen Medical Center.

School Physicals

Our center offers walk-in physicals for children starting or going back to school. To save time, you should fill out your “patient to complete section” on any paperwork provided by your school, state, or academic program.

You will also want to ensure your health insurance provider can cover your child’s physical exam.

Sports Physicals

A sports physical may be required when you or your child join a sports team or a recreational program. Even when a physical isn’t needed, receiving one is still a good practice before starting or resuming a sport.

A sports physical determines if an athlete can safely engage in the sport or recreational activity, but it shouldn’t be a substitute for your annual physical. At Aspen Medical Center, you can schedule a sports physical to run alongside your annual physical.

You should fill out the “patient to complete section” on any forms provided by the sports team, school, academic program, etc.

Physicals for Work

Many jobs require potential employees or returning employees to complete a physical examination. For example, most commercial or professional drivers must satisfy Department of Transportation (DOT) physical requirements.

Additionally, minors under 18 must take a physical before working in many states. Check the requirements with your place of employment before scheduling the necessary physical.

Be sure to bring identification, any allergies or prescriptions, and your medical history to your appointment.

Find Experienced Physicals Near Me at Aspen Medical Center

Aspen Medical Center provides urgent care and regular physicals for our patients. Our staff continually seeks to provide their patients with professional care. Whether you need a physical for a new job or have a health concern, let our team help.

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