How to Know If Your Rash Needs Medical Attention Right Away

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The majority of people will develop a skin rash at some point in their lives. When you see a rash, you automatically know it is nothing to be concerned about, even though it may be uncomfortable and bothersome. But there may be situations when you develop a rash and question whether it’s something dangerous that…

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Does Your Skin Rash Need Urgent Care? Top 5 Signs

skin rashes

If you have a small or big rash, it could be because of something that made your skin itchy. But it could also mean you have a more problematic condition, like an autoimmune disorder, Lyme disease, or a severe allergic reaction. Have you ever got a skin rash and didn’t know if you should go…

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Types of Medication You Could Get at an Urgent Care Clinic


Among the many conveniences offered by urgent care centers, most have their own pharmacies, meaning patients don’t have to go elsewhere to get their prescriptions after their visit.  Doctors at urgent care clinics can prescribe medications, too. Certain medications, however, need monitoring, so follow-up appointments are necessary. The patient could be referred to a primary…

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3 Reasons to Go to the Doctor After Suffering a Fall


While they may not seem like a huge problem, falls are actually one of the most common injuries in the world. Aside from being incredibly common, falls can also cause serious issues and complications. In fact, around 37.3 million falls each year require medical attention. To make matters worse, people usually don’t usually go to…

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Inquiries to Ask before Visiting an Urgent Care Clinic

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Many people prefer urgent care when they can’t see their doctor immediately or don’t want to go to the emergency room. For most non-emergency situations, urgent care clinics are a better alternative than the emergency room. But you must know what to ask before you set foot in the door.  Here are some inquiries you…

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