Sports Physicals in Santa Fe, NM

doctor, sports physicalsSports teams often require a specialized physical to ensure you have prepared for the next season. When searching “sports physicals near me,” make sure you choose the best option for your care.

Your health and safety should be a priority for every healthcare provider. Aspen Medical Center offers walk-in sports physicals for your athletic preparatory needs.

Both of our urgent care locations provide services without an appointment. Whether you have a specific health concern or want to ensure that you are ready for the upcoming season, our healthcare providers are happy to provide a comprehensive sports physical in a welcoming and professional environment.

Why You Need a Sports Physical

Your body experiences many changes throughout the year, from diet alterations to different exercises. You may also have hormonal or blood level changes that affect your health. To ensure you are in top shape for competitive sports, most teams, leagues, and camps require that you have a physical exam.

Children participating in competitive sports are the most common patients for sports physicals, but adults also get them for several reasons. Since these sports usually require vigorous physical activity and strains, we recommend erring on the side of caution and confirming your current health.

Our physicians at Aspen Medical Center give patients the best possible care regardless of age. Our urgent care locations accept walk-ins for sports physicals, so you don’t have to worry about setting up an appointment with primary care providers. As a result, you can receive you or your child’s health report much faster without sacrificing quality care.

What Happens During a Sports Physical?

Since most injuries occur during practice instead of during a game, we check for any pre-existing issues to help prevent an accident. Some health issues are addressable during training, although others may hinder participation. We believe in protecting your long-term physical health regardless of your current condition.

The checks ensure you or your child has the necessary range of motion for the sport. Stretching, bending, and running without pain are all positive signs for sports participation. We also review vitals, joints, and flexibility for possible restrictions or issues.

A sports physical will seem very similar to annual physicals because they include the following:

Medical History Reviews

We review prior medical history to identify past illnesses, surgeries, or conditions that may cause future complications. These circumstances may not automatically disqualify you or your child from participating in sports. Rather, knowing about these conditions helps us make suggestions to maintain or improve your current health and prevent future complications.

Vitals Checks

Your blood pressure and weight contribute to your ability to play. We also document any changes from previously-recorded medical history. While we generally expect change, excessive changes could stress the body and increase the likelihood of injury.

Eye Exams

Players enjoy sports more when they can see what they’re doing. Our eye exams ensure you have the vision needed to play or identify any needed lens prescription adjustments.

Health Assessments

We examine your cardiovascular systems, such as the heart and lungs, to evaluate possible physical activity restrictions. Ears, nose, and throat checks can also identify any health needs and necessary accommodations.

Strength and Flexibility Checks

Our physicians ensure you or your child have the strength, posture, and flexibility needed to play the sport. We may suggest exercises to increase strength in areas that may be more prone to injury as a preventative measure.

How Do I Get This Physical Exam?

Instead of searching for other sports physical providers near you, rely on Aspen Medical Center. Our physicians ensure each sports physical takes an in-depth look into your or your child’s health.

Although you can set an appointment, we accept walk-ins. We have reasonable and affordable self-pay fees and accept several health insurance providers, but you don’t need insurance to visit our office.

In addition to sports physicals, you can receive urgent care services, from stitches to immediate care for broken bones. We also have an in-house laboratory and diagnostic technology to help identify and treat prevalent health issues.

Sports Physicals Near Me

Call our urgent care office in Santa Fe, NM, at 505-466-5885 for more information about our treatment options and sports physicals.