Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Go for an STD Testing

There are several reasons one should go for STD testing, including your health and the assurance that you are not infecting others.

woman with stomach pain, STD TestSTDs are diseases that can be passed between people through sexual contact. You probably don’t know as many people who get them as you think.

In reality, more than 20 million new people are diagnosed with STDs each year. 110 million individuals in the US, or more than one-third of the population, have STDs.

Even though STDs are widespread, according to the American Sexual Health Association, only 12% of young people, who account for half of all new STD cases, had a test the previous year.

Several things contribute to this number, but the fact that many STDs don’t show any signs for years doesn’t help. A study of three STD clinics found that asymptotic people were responsible for 66% of positive tests.

You should get tested at least once, even if you don’t think you have an STD or are in a monogamous relationship. STD testing is part of urgent care, and here’s why in five points.

You could have an STD if you are in a relationship or have had sexual contact with someone else. Skin-to-skin contact is all it takes for many of the most common STDs to spread.

By contacting one another, one can transmit HPV, syphilis, and both types of herpes.

Syphilis is primarily characterized by sores, although cancer-causing HPV strains and warts can spread quickly through skin-to-skin contact. 3.7 billion persons under 50 have herpes HSV-1, which produces cold sores and can be spread through a routine family contact.

You must discuss your sexual past while getting to know someone new. If you have a major STD or potentially give them a less severe one, your partner should be aware of it.

Check for the following STDs that are common:

You should be careful even if you don't have an STD right now.

You can take charge of your whole sexual life by getting tested for STDs. With regular testing and safe sex, you are always in charge of your sexual and romantic life. You’ll be able to decide about your sexual health based on facts.

STDs have a reputation for not causing any symptoms, staying dormant for years, or having symptoms so mild that the person with them doesn’t think they need to be tested or treated. Three-quarters of women with chlamydia and half of men with it don’t show signs of an STD.

Think about how worried you would be if your partner started showing symptoms after you had been together for years. It is simple to understand how someone may be charged with cheating. Instead, put someone to the test right away.

Cervical cancer is one type of cancer that HPV is known to cause, but it can also lead to cancer in the vulva, vagina, penis, and anus. Each year, HPV causes 12,000 men and 20,000 women to get cancer.

If you are aware that you have HPV, you may watch for the early warning symptoms of these malignancies. Even if you haven’t yet contracted the disease, you could still be eligible to receive the vaccination.

There are some reasons why it is crucial to get tested for STDs at an urgent care center, and these include the fact that some STDs can be very serious and that some can lead to infertility. It is also essential to know that undergoing STD Testing doesn’t guarantee to get them, but it is one way to reduce your chances.

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