Primary Care Doctors’ Role in Blood Pressure Management

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One of the most critical indications that need to be constantly checked is blood pressure. Hypertension, often known as high blood pressure, increases the danger of kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke.  Approximately one in three persons in the United States has hypertension, and only about fifty percent of those individuals are thought to be…

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Health Watch 101: The 4 Common STDs and Symptoms in Women

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Common STDs An active and enjoyable sex life can provide a stronger emotional connection and intimacy between partners. It can also help reduce stress and improve physical health.  You can ensure a healthy and safe sex life by educating yourself about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and seeing your doctor for regular STD testing. These infections…

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5 of the Most Crucial Primary Care Lab Tests You Should Know

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Primary care lab tests are an integral part of your healthcare. Your primary care physician may order various tests, but not all are required yearly, depending on a patient’s symptoms and medical history.  The following are some examples of the most common primary care lab tests you should know about: 1. Cholesterol Screening Cholesterol is…

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How a Primary Care Provider Can Help You With Cancer Care

Cancer is a difficult journey, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Your primary care provider (PCP) can be a valuable resource and support throughout your cancer experience. What is a Primary Care Provider? A primary care provider (PCP) is a medical professional who provides general healthcare services to patients. PCPs can be…

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5 Important Benefits of Direct Primary Care in Senior Care

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It is expected over the next few years that the number of seniors in America over the age of 60 will continue to grow. Consumers of senior care services, as well as seniors themselves, will have to make important decisions about what type of care to choose.  One of the ways to cut costs and…

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3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Primary Care Physician

Primary Care Physician

Choosing a primary care physician isn’t just about seeing who’s available to see you when you need one. It’s a decision that needs to be planned ahead and well thought out. After all, your primary physician will be the one you go to most often for your medical needs. So, you have to pick one…

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Debunking 3 Common Myths About Primary Care Physicians


Primary care doctors are the first point of call for a lot of patients in the US. They are the “gatekeepers” to specialized care and are there to treat symptoms and look after your general health. While primary care physicians do not have to have any particular specialty, they are more likely to be family…

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How Will You Find the Right Primary Care Physician for You?


Primary care physicians are the backbone of most healthcare systems. They provide a wide variety of services but bear the lion’s share of responsibility for care coordination, which means that their impact goes far beyond the provision of a few services.  Deciding to choose a new primary care physician is a big decision that shouldn’t…

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What Are the Advantages of Having a Primary Care Provider?

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As the primary healthcare provider for their patients, PCPs are the first responders for any unusual health symptoms or concerns. They act as a single point of contact for all future healthcare needs, as well as preventive care. Many PCPs have special training in the field of infectious disease and immunization, as well as communicable…

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Primary Care Physicians for Today’s Health & Wellness


Primary Care Physicians (PCP), given their role and scope of practice, can play a leading role in promoting the health and wellness of individuals. But how exactly? How PCPs Work PCPs are one of the primary sources of health care in the US. They are often the first line of contact for people with a…

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