STD Testing: Who Needs It and How Frequently to Get Tested

STD Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that are passed from one person to another through sexual contact. According to the World Health Organization, over one million people get sexually transmitted infections daily. The good news is that most of these infections are treatable, and many are preventable. One of the most important ways to prevent…

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How the STD Testing Process Works and What You Should Expect

doctor and patient, STD Testing Process

STD Testing Process: Sexual health is an essential aspect of overall well-being. It involves the physical, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality and covers a range of issues, including sexual development, sexual relationships, and sexual activities. One crucial aspect of sexual health is preventing and treating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Why engage in the STD Testing…

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Health Watch 101: The 4 Common STDs and Symptoms in Women

Health Watch, common stds

Common STDs An active and enjoyable sex life can provide a stronger emotional connection and intimacy between partners. It can also help reduce stress and improve physical health.  You can ensure a healthy and safe sex life by educating yourself about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and seeing your doctor for regular STD testing. These infections…

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Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Go for an STD Testing

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There are several reasons one should go for STD testing, including your health and the assurance that you are not infecting others. STDs are diseases that can be passed between people through sexual contact. You probably don’t know as many people who get them as you think.  In reality, more than 20 million new people…

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