Holiday Weight Gain

How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain and Stomach Problems

Holiday Weight Gain

For most people, the holiday season means socializing with family and friends and enjoying each other’s company. It’s also when mouthwatering yet calorie-rich dishes tempt us to destroy the healthy habits we first implemented earlier in the year.

Besides negatively impacting our self-esteem and long-time health, our poor eating habits during this period can also lead to unpleasant digestive problems, especially if the host doesn’t handle the food properly. 

This article will provide the best things to do before, during, and after a holiday event to avoid unwanted weight gain. We’ll also discuss when to go to your nearest urgent care center. 

Before a Holiday Event 

Before you show up to your family home in your best outfit, this section enumerates three things you should do to avoid holiday weight gain. 

1. Never Arrive Hungry 

Before going to a social gathering, ensure you don’t leave with an empty stomach. Eating something healthy or drinking some water can satisfy your appetite and make it easier to resist the tempting treats and avoid holiday weight gain. 

2. Plan Ahead 

Like everything else, taking a proactive approach can spare you from unwanted situations. You can avoid putting on a few pounds from unhealthy foods by knowing what they’ll serve. You can also bring a healthy dish to the table to share with everyone else at the party and avoid holiday weight gain.

3. Avoid “Tasting” Too Much

Eating too much is easy when cooking for the holiday season. You can avoid unwanted weight gain by limiting yourself to one bite before and after seasoning the dish. If you’re using a familiar recipe, try waiting until you finish cooking the food before trying it again and avoid holiday weight gain.

During an Event 

You’ve told yourself in the mirror several times that you will observe healthier eating habits, and now is the perfect time to walk the talk. This section provides tips to help you maintain a healthy weight during the festive season. 

1. Use a Smaller Plate 

Getting a smaller plate is an easy way to control your portion sizes. When you eat from a tinier plate, you’re tricking yourself into thinking you’re eating a more considerable portion than what you have. That way, you can feel more satisfied and gain more control over your food intake. 

2. Pace Yourself

You can pace yourself at a party by putting your fork down between bites and limiting your eating time. This habit will help you feel full while eating less.

3. Reduce Alcohol Intake 

Besides the calorie-rich foods, the festive season is when people let loose and overindulge themselves in alcoholic beverages, which can eventually lead to unwanted weight gain. For this reason, you must watch your alcohol intake because too much can lead to poor dietary choices and holiday weight gain. 

You can divert your mind by focusing on other activities like dancing or socializing. 

After a Holiday Event 

Once the dust settles down, this section provides tips to maintain a healthy weight after the gathering. 

1. Get Enough Rest

Reduce stress and rest more during the holidays to avoid weight gain. You can also do yoga and deep breathing to help. 

2. Weigh Yourself Regularly

Regularly weighing yourself reminds you of your weight goals and helps you make changes before seeing significant weight gain.

3. Stay Active 

Make it a yearly tradition to go on a family walk to burn extra calories and enjoy the fresh air together.

When to Visit Your Nearest Urgent Care Center 

Rush yourself to your nearest urgent care center if you’re experiencing diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, or an upset stomach during the festive season. 


The holiday season is when the temptations to overindulge are at their strongest. Fortunately, you can prevent unwanted weight gain by practicing healthier eating habits. You must also rush to your nearest urgent care center if you experience gastrointestinal problems. 

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