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Busting 10 Common Misconceptions about Back Pain

Many people commonly experience back pain. About 80 percent of people will develop back pain at some point in their lives.

The symptoms of back pain can vary between people. While some can be sharp and brief, others can be dull and lasting.

Still, many myths and misconceptions surround back pain. Here are some of them:

Myth #1: If You Have Back Pain, You Should Rest

The most prominent myth about back pain is resting. When you have a sore back, you can lie down and lie on a pillow, but you must also maintain a regular schedule. Your back pain will get worse if you lie in bed all day. 

To relieve back pain, it is necessary to move frequently. 

Myth #2: Back Pain Is Caused By Damaged Discs

While discs are the most common source of back pain, other issues can also cause pain. For instance, muscle strain, arthritis, or even stress can cause pain. 

Multiple studies have found that about 20 percent of people with back pain visit a doctor. These people tend to experience more severe back pain, so doctors should even take more time to test them.

Myth #3: Most People Have Back Pain at Some Point in Their Lives, So You Have to Learn to Live with It 

While it is true that most people experience back pain, it should not be considered normal. If your back hurts, you should consult a doctor to figure out the cause of the pain. 

Myth #4: Lifting Heavy Objects Can Cause Back Pain

While lifting heavy objects can lead to an injury, it is not always the cause of back pain. Back pain may be more likely to occur if you lift heavy things every day. 

Myth #5: Your Doctor Can Diagnose Your Back Pain with an X-Ray

An X-ray is only recommended for people with limited mobility. Some people think they can fix their back pain with an X-ray, but doctors do not recommend this method. 

Myth #6: Bad Posture is the Leading Cause of Back Pain

Bad posture is often associated with back pain, but most people do not have bad posture. In fact, about 40 percent of people have a normal posture. Therefore, a person’s posture is not a good measure of their back pain. 

Myth #7: The Best Way to Reduce Back Pain Is to Take Painkillers

Many people think that taking painkillers can help them recover from back pain. However, painkillers can make the pain worse. Painkillers can relax the muscles and cause further spasms, which is why doctors cannot recommend them as a solution. 

Myth #8: A Hot Tub Can Help Heal Your Back Pain

A hot tub is a good option for back pain, but a bathtub can also help. Baths can help relax aching muscles. 

Myth #9: You Should Avoid Back Exercises If You Have a Sore Back

If you have minor back pain, light exercises can be helpful. However, it is essential to talk to your doctor before you start any physical activity. 

Myth #10: Back Pain Can Help You Avoid Back Surgeries

Back pain is not necessarily a sign that you need surgery. Many people with back pain do not need surgery. 

If you do need surgery, back pain can indeed help you avoid a more severe problem. 


These myths and misconceptions about back pain can be dangerous and lead to more severe conditions and even surgery. If you have back pain, let your doctor know and discuss the pain and other symptoms. 

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