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5 Important Benefits of Direct Primary Care in Senior Care

It is expected over the next few years that the number of seniors in America over the age of 60 will continue to grow. Consumers of senior care services, as well as seniors themselves, will have to make important decisions about what type of care to choose. 

One of the ways to cut costs and ensure quality coverage is to take advantage of direct primary care.

What Is Direct Primary Care

At its basic level, direct primary care is affordable and accessible healthcare for seniors and their families. Direct primary care providers are able to offer medical services, including preventative care, at a lower cost than traditional medical practices.

Providers of direct primary care are usually paid directly by their clients, unlike those in the traditional health maintenance care setting. 

Direct primary care is a relatively new service and is sometimes considered a boutique care service. It is a relatively inexpensive and convenient way for seniors to receive primary care services. 

Here are seven important benefits seniors can enjoy through this type of care as they age.

1. Give Freedom to Choose Your Provider

Direct primary care doctors and the companies that employ them usually give the customer the freedom to choose their own provider. This can allow seniors a great deal of choice in where they receive their services. As a customer, you are the one who chooses the direct primary care provider you want to see. You can then register with them and schedule visits whenever you need to.

In traditional health care settings, your provider is chosen for you. You have no say in where you receive your care.

2. Give Better Access

With traditional health care providers, seniors are forced to wait for appointments and endure long lines to see physicians. This is frustrating and time-consuming.

Direct primary care services, however, allow seniors to schedule appointments at their convenience and see providers at their own pace. There is usually no waiting. This is a great advantage for seniors who need routine checkups and those who are not feeling well and need immediate attention.

3. Provide Affordable Preventative Care

Direct primary care is an affordable way for seniors with insurance to get the preventative care they need. Seniors who have monthly premiums through traditional HMOs and PPOs may not have coverage for the pre- and post-visit care and medical expenses associated with the preventative care that is provided.

Direct primary care providers, however, cover this care and care for qualified patients is bundled into one monthly fee. Seniors who need annual checkups and other preventative care are able to receive these services at a lower cost with this type of care.

4. Better Quality Care

Traditional insurance companies and HMOs are focused on cutting costs and making money, not on providing quality care. Direct primary care providers are focused on providing quality care and improving health.

Seniors do not have to sacrifice time with their loved ones to go to medical appointments, and they can be confident they are receiving quality care in accordance with the standards of the medical field.

5. Save Time and Resources

Traditional healthcare can be very costly and time-consuming. Insurance companies and Medicare cause seniors to wait for appointment times and give them complicated prescriptions and complex medical bills. Seniors do not want to spend lots of time trying to figure out how to manage their healthcare needs.

With direct primary care, seniors are given straightforward care and instructions, and they can get reimbursed from their insurance. They are also able to get a physical and address any urgent concerns quickly.


Direct primary care services are a cost-effective and convenient way for seniors to get the medical services they need. Quality of care is the focus of these practices, not the money that insurance companies and healthcare providers can make from the services. It is a great way for seniors to get the benefits of a care team and 24-hour-a-day access to a primary care provider.

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