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Why Getting an Annual Physical Examination Is Important

Every new year, there is one common goal that many people share―that is to be healthy and free from sickness for the years to come. Coming from the wreck brought by the pandemic, becoming strong and healthy is one of the top priorities of many. 

While eating a balanced diet, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the trusted methods for achieving the goal, one should not forget about the importance of having checkups, particularly the annual physical examination.

What Is an Annual Physical Examination?

An annual physical examination is a physical checkup done to detect and monitor a person’s health condition. It typically covers the following procedures:

  • Physical exam
  • Lab test
  • Other examinations and tests

Why You Should Consider Conducting One

1. It Paves the Way for Preventive Care

Preventive care is crucial in keeping a person healthy and fit, as it helps maintain a person’s health before any problems even occur. 

Annual physical examination is one of the best preventive procedures a person can undergo. It allows the person to be treated for the symptoms and get the needed medical attention before it becomes more than they can handle. It also reduces the risk of becoming a victim of a major illness or health condition.

2. It Is a Spot-Check for Unhealthy Changes

If the doctor realizes that there are unhealthy changes in the person, such as the weight and blood pressure changes, the doctor will be doing a good deed by informing the person of the situation. It will also allow the physician to guide the patient to the right path by prescribing accurate treatment.

3. It Makes Treatments Cost-Effective

Cost-effectiveness of the treatments prescribed is another benefit of an annual physical exam. The examination helps point out the health conditions that need immediate attention, which allows the doctor to prescribe only necessary procedures and medications.

4. It Is Good for the General Health

It is an excellent practice to get annual physical examinations to boost one’s health in general. It provides health benefits, such as improving your health conditions and discovering your medical history.

5. Keep Your Medical Records Updated

Annual physical examinations are essential in keeping your medical records updated. A physical exam will also keep you updated on your immunizations. Remember that your medical record is evidence of your medical history and records, including allergies, previous illnesses, and past operations.

In emergencies, you will need your annual physical examination records immediately. That is why it is good to update your records and keep them accessible. 

6. Answers Your Medical Questions and Concerns

It provides the patient and the doctor a chance to discuss and address the patient’s medical concerns. The doctor and the patient can share ideas and thoughts, including the possible outcomes of a particular medical condition. In addition, the doctor can explain the examination findings to the patient.

It is also an effective practice that can strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.


A yearly physical examination is a procedure that everyone should never neglect. It serves as a guide to monitor and maintain a person’s health condition. It is one of the best preventive measures that you can have to ensure that your health does not have to suffer in the future. Now that you know the importance of having an annual physical examination, choosing the right doctor and medical clinic is the next step.

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