5 Ways How Urgent Care Can Help with Minor Medical Issues

Healthcare should never be taken lightly by anyone. After all, taking care of ourselves is something we should all strive for to experience the many joys in life. However, we can only protect ourselves so much that we may forget to be mindful of our actions, leading to various health issues. While most people think to come to the ER or a primary care doctor, not everything should be rushed, thanks to urgent care.

As the name suggests, urgent care is a type of medical care provided for patients with an illness or injury that is not serious enough to require emergency care but still requires prompt medical attention. Urgent care centers are typically open during regular business hours; some are open on weekends and holidays. Despite this, few people still see the benefits of urgent care since they think the ER or primary care centers are more effective.

If you don’t see the value of going to an urgent care facility when needed, here are some benefits you may reap:

#1 – Convenience

Going to the ER or a primary care facility is almost always a hassle because of the long wait times. On the other hand, urgent care centers provide prompt medical attention and have shorter wait times. You can just walk in and get your needed care without scheduling an appointment.

#2 – Various Services Offered

Urgent care centers provide various services, from immediate treatments to more complex procedures. They can provide basic care, treat minor injuries, and offer vaccinations. Sometimes, urgent care also provides X-rays and minor surgeries.

For example, if you have an earache, you can go to an urgent care facility to get antibiotics. If you have a cut and need stitches, an urgent care center can help you.

#3 – Faster Treatment

Going to the ER or a primary care facility often means waiting long hours to see a doctor. Urgent care centers offer a faster alternative, as a doctor can usually see you within 30 minutes. This is a significant advantage if you have an injury or illness that must be treated immediately.

#4 – Fewer Risks Involved with Treatment

Sometimes, going to the ER can be dangerous because of germ exposure. Beyond that, some facilities are understaffed and overworked, leading to errors. However, urgent care centers are smaller and have lesser staff. This can make it easier to provide quality care.

Kids will benefit from this because they will be seen by a doctor who is more likely to have experience treating kids. They will be tended to in a smaller, more intimate setting. In turn, this makes a child feel relaxed when getting treatment.

#5 – Affordability

Urgent care centers are more affordable than the ER. This is because urgent care centers can charge less because they don’t have the same overhead costs as the ER.

You can also avoid being charged for a life-threatening condition that requires a higher level of care. Your child can get the care they need without breaking the bank.

Finding the Right Urgent Care Facility

Now that you know the benefits of urgent care, you need to find a suitable urgent care facility to ensure the best quality of treatment. Here are a few tips to help you find the best urgent care center for your needs:

  • Check if the urgent care center is in-network with your insurance. This will help you save money on your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Make sure the urgent care center has extended hours. This will help you get the care you need when you need it.
  • Find an urgent care center that has a convenient location. This will help you get the care you need without traveling far.
  • Check if the urgent care center offers online scheduling. This will help you save time when you need to see a doctor.
  • Ask if the urgent care center offers any discounts. This will help you save money on your medical care.


An urgent care facility is a great place to visit when you need medical care for minor injuries or illnesses. These facilities are typically open late and on weekends, so you can get the care you need when your regular doctor is unavailable. Urgent care centers are usually less expensive than emergency rooms, so you can save money on medical care.

If you’re looking for an urgent care center, Aspen Medical Center can help you! We understand the need for immediate care for specific medical issues, so we’re here to ensure you get the care you deserve to solve the problem. Call 505-466-5885 today to schedule an appointment!