Allergy Season Preparation: How to Treat Seasonal Allergies

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Allergy Season Preparation: Spring and summer are two beautiful seasons that bring life to nature, but for many people, these seasons also bring along seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, can cause sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and a runny nose. These allergies can make it difficult to enjoy the…

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Seasonal Allergies Preparation: Understanding Seasonal Allergies

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Spring is a time for blooming flowers, warmer weather, and longer days. However, for many people, it also brings the dreaded allergy season. Allergies can cause a range of symptoms, from sneezing and itchy eyes to more severe reactions like anaphylaxis. In this article, we will discuss what allergies are, how they differ from non-seasonal…

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Reducing the Risk of Food Allergies

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Risk of Food Allergies A food allergy is an adverse immune reaction to a food protein. They are different from other adverse reactions to food, such as food intolerance, pharmacological reactions, and toxins. Food allergies can cause a wide range of symptoms, from mild to severe, and sometimes even life-threatening. The most common food allergies…

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Food Allergy: An Important Consideration for Primary Care

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Food allergy is an increasing public health concern, affecting an estimated 6-8% of children and 4% of adults in the United States. While the prevalence of food allergy has increased in recent years, many people still do not understand what a food allergy is, how to identify one, or how to best manage it. Primary…

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Essential Things to Consider for Primary Care—Food Allergies

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Primary care is usually the first point of contact a person has with the healthcare system. It includes health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, and diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. A primary care provider (PCP) is a healthcare professional who provides primary care services. PCPs include family physicians, general…

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14 Dangerous Allergy Warning Signs You Should Watch Out For


Many people think allergies are either normal or minor. These notions couldn’t be any more untrue, especially when the allergic reaction is severe. Read on to discover these fourteen dangerous allergy warning signs you should watch out for. 1. The Sinus Congestion You may have allergic rhinitis if your nose runs or swells after going…

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