The Most Common Types of Food Allergies You May Encounter

No one ever wants to experience a food allergy. Besides the fact that it robs the enjoyment from enjoying a certain dessert or delicacy, it also tends to put a person’s health at risk, even turning into a fatal mishap at times.

In order to avoid them, one must be familiar with the most common types of food allergies so that they would know what kind of allergens to avoid and how to mitigate their possible effects. The following are just a few examples.

1. Egg Allergy

Egg allergy, or an allergy to chicken’s eggs, is one of the most common and severe food allergies. This is because it usually causes immediate and severe reactions, which may be life-threatening.

2. Milk Allergy

Another common food allergy is an allergy towards cow’s or goat’s milk. Such are commonly seen in children as their digestive and immune systems are still at a developing stage.

3. Peanut Allergy

Peanut allergy is a common allergen that affects millions of individuals, particularly in the United States. As a matter of fact, they are the most common cause of severe food-allergic reactions, which can be potentially fatal.

4. Shellfish Allergy

Shellfish allergy is an allergy to certain types of seafood. It is usually caused by the protein in the shellfish. Their most common types of allergens are shrimp, crab, lobster, and scallops.

5. Soy Allergy

Soy allergy is a common allergen that mainly affects infants, children, and adults. It is a common misconception that only Asians are affected by soy allergy. This is because soy is a staple food in Asia, but that is not the case.

6. Wheat Allergy

Wheat allergy is one of the most common allergen-related diseases in the United States, affecting over 2.5 million people. But despite its prevalence, it is often a silent case because it produces few or no symptoms at all.

7. Tree Nut Allergy

Tree nut allergy is an allergy to any of the nuts in the trees. They are very common and are not life-threatening as long as the person can avoid coming into contact with them.

8. Sesame Allergy

Sesame allergy is a common allergen primarily seen in those who have a history of it in their family. When this allergen is ingested, reactions that affect the skin and the respiratory system may occur.

9. Sulfite Allergy

A sulfite allergy is a common allergen among those who have asthma, respiratory disorders, and other allergies. Sulfites are used as preservatives to help maintain the quality of certain dried fruits.

10. Corn Allergy

Corn allergy is not as common as the other listed examples. Still, it does occur, especially in those who have a family history of it too.

11. Chili Pepper Allergy

This common allergen can be potentially life-threatening. They are usually used to spice up different types of food, so it can be problematic for those who have this allergy.

12. Mushroom Allergy

A mushroom allergy is a pretty common one, but it is usually not severe. It mainly affects those who have a history of allergies or asthma.


Food allergies can make life difficult for those who are affected by them. But in order to avoid them, one must be aware of the different types of allergens that can trigger the symptoms.

The above examples are the most common ones, but there are a lot more of them. By familiarizing oneself with them, you may definitely avoid them all and live a healthy life.

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