Why Flu Shots Are Still Important during the Pandemic

Flu season exists for a reason. Unfortunately, it does not stop just because the world is currently fighting a pandemic. Viruses spread year-round, but most of the flu activity peaks between December and February. Before that season begins, make sure that your body is prepared for it. Get your flu vaccine as early as October to give your body enough time to respond to the vaccine. 

Since COVID-19 is still here and will not go away anytime soon, you must make yourself healthier. Staying healthy is the best defense your body can do to avoid any virus from wearing out your body. This one little move could be the protection that your body needs against any destruction. 

Every winter, hospitals get more patients due to the cold season and the flu. If you do not want to be part of this patient volume, get vaccinated for the flu as early as you can.

Who Should Get Flu Shots?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, anyone aged six months onwards should get their respective flu vaccines. The most vulnerable people are encouraged to participate in this call. If you belong to the following groups, you should prioritize getting flu shots as soon as possible:

  • You are a child or someone aged 65 and above
  • You have respiratory illnesses
  • You have lower immunity due to certain diseases

If your health condition is at a severe level, it would be best to consult and get your doctor’s approval first. When you take care of yourself through this small action, you have a high chance of not getting the flu during the flu season. 

How to Get Your Flu Vaccine

There are many ways you can get your flu vaccine. Here are some of them:

1. Get Your Flu Shot During Your Annual Wellness Exam

If you take a wellness exam annually, you can schedule it from October onwards and secure your flu vaccine by then. Make sure that you inform your doctor or anyone from the clinic ahead. You can also register your vaccine during your child’s vaccination schedule. Just make sure to notify all concerned parties beforehand. 

2. Request for a Vaccination Schedule

If you have no scheduled appointment with your health center, you can also secure an appointment for this purpose alone. Book a schedule with your clinic ahead so they can prepare and secure the vaccine for you. If you plan to have the whole family get the flu shots, notify your clinic in advance about the number of people you intend to bring. 

Is It Safe to Get Both COVID-19 and Flu Vaccine?

One of the biggest concerns in people’s heads is both vaccines’ safety, especially when mixed. However, there is no problem at all. Getting the COVID-19 and flu vaccine at the same time is considered safe. 

The mix does not result in long-term side effects and does not alter the vaccine’s effectiveness. However, you have to be familiar with the side effects that each vaccine could give you. For example, some people experience chills or headaches upon receiving their COVID-19 vaccine, but these eventually disappear. 

Mixing the two does not make these side effects worse either. They are natural effects of your body developing immunity against a virus. 


People have no complete control over how the virus spreads and even on how it exists, but there are small steps you can take to protect yourself, your family, and your loved ones from experiencing the worst from it. Getting flu shots is one of the many steps. Listening to authority and following health protocols are another. If you have not taken your flu vaccine yet, consider scheduling one soon.

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