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April 5, 2013

Hey Wonderful Santa Fe! Come join us THIS SATURDAY (4/6) for our Grand Opening Event! We’re going to have some delicious food, awesome gift certificates, and excellent music provided by Mr. Limn. (check him out online! Aspen Medical Center is dedicated to serving the Santa Fe community with top-notch Urgent Care and Primary Care as…

Dr Ropp Working with Himalayan Healthcare

March 9, 2013

In March and April of 2012, I had the pleasure of working with Himalayan Healthcare.  They are an amazing non-profit organization helping poor villagers in the mountains of Nepal since 1992.  Co-founded by Anil Parajuli, they provide  medical care, education, and income generating opportunities to the rural people of Nepal. Twice a year, they lead…

Join Dr Ropp at Hearts in the Himalayas: A Documentary

March 9, 2013

Date: 3/12/2013    Event Location: Santa Fe REI     Event Fee: Free     Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM MDT Presenter: Himalayan Healthcare Website   Description: Join Himalayan Healthcare for a special screening of Hearts in the Himalayas. This award-winning documentary showcases their volunteer work over a two year period providing medical care to rural villagers in the mountainous regions of Nepal.  …

Seasonal Allergies

February 23, 2013

Overview and Allergy Symptoms Chamisa, Mulberry, Pig Weed, Cedar and Juniper Allergies An allergy is the body’s overreaction to substances that do not cause a reaction in someone who is not allergic.  These substances are called allergens.  There are many different types of allergens including mold, animal dander, dust, pollen from trees, grass, and weeds like chamisa,…

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Seasonal Flu or Influenza Symptoms and Treatment

February 23, 2013

Influenza or “the flu” is a contagious viral respiratory infection.  It is spread from person to person and can cause mild to severe symptoms.  Flu symptoms usually come on suddenly and often include:  fever over 102°F, stuffy nose, nausea, chills and sweats, fatigue, muscle aches, cough, headache, and loss of appetite.  Flu symptoms usually last…